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After School Programs

You have the facility we have the program! Don't do it the hard way. Do it the smart way with A.S.H Consultants. 

We will create and facilitate a variety of programs that will benefit the community you serve.

Start a After School Program in your Organization. Call Today!

Mentoring Programs

Have an Organization or Mentoring Program and want to Level Up?

Add Education, Structure and a learning curve of your own?

Let A.S.H Consultants bring education and inspiration to your business or organization

  • Youth Mentoring

  • Group Youth Activities

  • Become a Hosting Site

Community Out Reach

Want to engage more in your community?

Is your business or organization looking to be more effective ? Create a Outreach Plan! We will help you:

  • Define your goals and objectives

  • Identify your targets

  • Create your message

  • Package your message

  • Evaluate your plan

  • Execute Strategically

Non Profit Funding Programs

You need funding! Programs and partnerships help you get it. 

Investors look to see the changes you will make with the community you serve. 

When seeking grants, funders will want to know how you plan to make a impact. Let A.S.H Consultants create your curriculum while creating you more cash flow opportunities.

Host Programs

Are you a School, Church, Organization or Non Profit that wants to make a even bigger impact on your community?

Host  A.S.H Program's or Curriculum's !


Implement a variety of A.S.H Programs to your clients and execute them like their your own. 

Not sure what programs to start?

Lets Talk!

At Risk Youth

A.S.H Consulting Agency assess the needs and resources available in the community and see if there are existing programs with a similar mission or with which you might be able to collaborate. 

Once done, we will

  • Develop Policies

  • Identify Key Stakeholders

  • Determined Desired Outcomes

  • Implement Program

  • Evaluate Growth

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